Where Karst meets the sea

The Duino Cliffs Nature Reserve, with its 107 hectares (around 1 square km), is characterized by a high biodiversity. This is due the extension along a strip of territory that includes both the Mediterranean and the typical European climate. It is a suitable habitat for the nesting of sedentary birds such as the herring gull, the imperial raven and the peregrine falcon, included in the list of animals in danger of extinction, which has found refuge in the more inaccessible than the cliffs.
In autumn and spring, it is easy to observe various migratory or wintering species while the pine forest is home to finches, jays, woodpeckers, sparrowhawks and even some colonies of squirrels.

Rilke trail

This reserve can be admired, walking along around 1,7 km, on the famous Rilke path overlooking the sea.
The trail, directly accessible from the Mare Pineta Camping Village, connects Sistiana to Duino, edging the wonderful cliff. Along the way, there are military outposts carved into the rock overlooking the sea, dating back to the First World War. The path ends at the Duino Castle, historic residence of the princes della Torre and Tasso (Thurn und Taxis) which can be visited together with its garden.


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