Baia Holiday has always been attentive to the natural environment.
Nature is an integral part of our idea of holiday. For this we respect it. Our green vision goes in the direction of a better future for everyone. Therefore, we start, within each property, a series of sustainable actions and behaviors to protect our natural heritage. From water management policies to recycling, passing through the construction of energy-saving buildings produced with eco-sustainable materials. Furthermore, Baia Holiday invests in projects for the local community: with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact. For a unique and sustainable holiday experience, count on us.


Camping Village Mare Pineta


  • We provide containers for recycling
  • We carry out waste recycling
  • We strive to reduce food waste
  • We carry out green recycling start-up activities
  • We adopt hazardous waste management procedures for proper disposal
  • We use ecological cleaning products
  • We provide guests with biodegradable dog bags and collection containers
  • We collect HDPE caps

Energy & Greenhouse Gas Emission

  • Most of the raw products (meat and vegetables) used in the market or restaurants are local
  • Most of the lights are LED bulbs highly energy saving
  • Photovoltaic panels have been installed to produce hot water and electricity
  • We use electric vehicles to move personnel within the structure
  • We invite guests to close the windows when using the air conditioning or turn it off when going out
  • We invite guests to turn off the lights when leaving the accommodation
  • We buy class A household appliances
  • We help reduce CO2 emissions


  • Possibility to waive the daily cleaning of the accommodation
  • Possibility to reuse towels


  • There are no interactions with wild animals held in captivity at the facility, nor are they exhibited, bred, consumed or sold
  • Our structure is harmoniously inserted in an area of high naturalistic interest
  • We have bicycle rental and bicycle parking
  • We provide information on public transport timetables (buses and trains)
  • Every year new plants are planted and new green spaces are studied in collaboration with agronomists and green architects

The local community

  • Tours and activities are organized in collaboration with local guides and companies
  • We provide guests with information on local ecosystems, heritage and culture, as well as information about local habits and how to respect local traditions and way of life


  • Inside the structure there are numerous Mobile Homes, reducing the cement overbuilding and fit harmoniously into the environment. They do not consume soil, are easily removable and the elements that compose them are recyclable or reusable.
  • Constructions were built with eco-compatible materials in order to be in line with the principles of environmental sustainability, reducing negative impacts on the environment