Trieste Heart of Sea

The intriguing charm of Trieste

Discovering the most picturesque beach resorts of Trieste between Sistiana, Barcola and Grignano

Trieste has the sea inside. The maritime city, more than other famous coastal and port italian cities, has charm very unique, as it is, suspended between Italy and Carso. A beauty of a thousand faces, to grasp the details of the daily life of its inhabitants, definitely worth discovering.

Trieste with its famous terraces painting the contours, the summer street life and the sea, with which his city children have a symbiotic relationship.

The Trieste’s citizens live the sea from an early age as if it were their own home garden, so much so that to go to the beach, it is commonly said “go to the take a bath”. This is because the sea in Trieste is very near, accessible, inside the eyes, always present in everyone’s life, and above all, just in the city center. In Trieste for decades,it’s in fact, a common use, bathe in the sea directly in the city center. The cult beach resorts in Trieste are in the heart of more than one person and gave the first great love to many, we are thinking about the famous “Bagno Maria”, or to the Chair of Neptune, just as an example, or near the center the “Bagno Lanterna”. or the “Bagno Fontana”.

But not only this. Trieste over the years has surrounded of pretty seaside small towns, full of seaside promenades that stretch lazy for kilometers, where you can have very nice walks. The waterfront of Trieste fractions, is very popular destination here in Trieste, but also by vacationers who by chance or by fate, they are spending the holidays here. And of those sun beds disorderly toward the sun, the tables to play cards almost close to the road, the laughter and chatter of the kids who dive from the classic Trieste’s terraces, they do not want to leave.

Some of the places to visit if you are on holiday at Camping Mare Pineta are the famous Barcola and Grignano, Sistiana, Muggia.


At the “Bagno Marino La Lanterna di Trieste” ( Trieste’s Bathhouse), women, children up to 12 years and men experience the beach in two separate zones.

The “Diga of Trieste”, despite the name, is also one of the bathing establishments of the city center, including Miramare, Porto Vecchio, and a few steps Unity’s Square (Piazza Unità).

The “mice” are the communal bathing facilities date back to the 30’s; 10 terraces in the shape of “Mickey Mouse ears”. They are protected by lifeguards and have showers, cabins, ramps for disabled and bathrooms.

“The Broom” (Le Ginestre), on the coastal road, is one of the most spectacular corners and surprises of Trieste’s sea. A very particular location, hidden glimpse, which opens onto a small white pebble beach, crystal clear waters, and scented broom that plunge straight into the sea. Barcola is a fraction of the Trieste’s city, with a historical prestigious past. This area in fact hosted by the most beautiful patrician residences of the Roman era, lavishly adorned with beautiful mosaics and imposing statues, which are still preserved some remains. Among the most beautiful monuments of the city, the Church of St. Bartholomew. Barcola is also perfect for long walks, the preferred promenade of Trieste. In summer the shade of pine trees, and the cool clear waters, the alternation of classical terraces, making it an ideal meeting place to relax together. Here in Barcola every year is also organized the “Barcolana’s Regatta” (big sailing race), the most popular sailing competition in the Mediterranean.


The Green Dolphin, discovering Trieste by boat

Prices and conditions

From June the First to September the 7th with the motor boats “Delfino Verde Trieste Trasporti” you can tap the 4 beautiful Trieste’s Town Sea Surroundings: Trieste Riva Nazario Sauro corner Molo Bersaglieri, Barcola, inside breakwater, Grignano Central Pier, Sistiana’s central pierDepartures from 8 to 17.30 (every 2.30-3 on average) from Trieste. You can also embark on Barcola, Sistiana and Grignano. Individual tickets (Sistiana-Trieste) from € 6,60 depending on the route. Possibility of subscription ten runs, 50 runs, and the possibility of transporting bicycles with small extra charge. Tickets and subscriptions are sold directly on the boat!