Historic Cafes

Trieste is in many ways the city of coffee, thanks not only to the famous Illy industry but to the vintage charm of the historical pubs in town, where personalities such as Stendhal, Joyce and Svevo used to go. Today the so-called historical cafès have become real tourist destinations.

Caffè Tommaseo

GPS Coordinates
45.6512, 13.7692

It is the oldest cafè from Trieste, with many decorations of the painter Gatteri and magnificent mirrors specially delivered from Belgium. In 1997 it was restored by keeping the sophisticated and elegant style that recalls the tradition of Viennese cafè.

Caffè San Marco

GPS Coordinates
45.6529, 13.7803

It was established in 1914 and was completely destroyed in the first war because it was the meeting place of the anti-Austrian movement. From the twenties, when it was rebuilt, it represented a meeting place for intellectuals, including Saba, Svevo and Giotti.

Caffè degli Specchi

GPS Coordinates
45.6501, 13.7685

It is located in palazzo Stratti, in Piazza Unità d’Italia and has always been the parlour of Trieste.

Caffè Tergesteo

GPS Coordinates
45.6504 13.7687

Famous for its stained glass windows where episodes in the history of the city are represented. Unfortunately a recent renovation preserved little of its original appearance.

Caffè Stella Polare

GPS Coordinates
45.6514 13.7741

During the Anglo-American occupation, it was transformed into a ballroom, where the American soldiers could meet beautiful girls. Today you can taste desserts and sip a tea or coffee.