The Castles of Trieste

The itinerary will make you discover the Castle of Miramare, the Hapsburg dwelling, and the San Giusto castle that was rebuilt by Frederick II of Hapsburg on the ruins of the medieval fortress demolished in the XIV century.

Miramare Castle

GPS Coordinates
45.7024, 13.7124

The castle is located on the promontory of Grignano, just outside Trieste. It was built by the Archduke Ferdinand of Hapsburg around the middle of the nineteenth century on the karst rocks overlooking the sea and surrounded by a huge park full of numerous botanical species. The castle reflects the magnificence and elegance typical of the houses of the nobles at that time, built with different architectural styles: from the Gothic to the medieval and renaissance styles. The park around the castle, about 22 hectares, is the result of an impressive work of transformation of the original rocky promontory. Numerous trees and plants from various regions of the world were planted in the park, including lawn grasses and paths, gazebos and ponds, typical of landscaped gardens.

The Castle of San Giusto

GPS Coordinates
45.6469, 13.7734

The castle of San Giusto stands on the homonymous hill, whose history dates back to 1000 B.C, thanks to the strategic control position of the town and its surrounding territory. You must climb up a flight of stairs which end on a wooden drawbridge to enter the castle. Once you are inside, you will have access to Piazzale delle Milizie and reach the bastions through walkways and stairs. Some antique grave stone finds are found in the lapidarium Tergestino, in the Bastione Lalio. The castle was owned by the Trieste Municipality in 1930 and since then used for tourism; it in fact hosts numerous cultural events, shows and exhibitions. You can enjoy a panoramic view on the gulf and on the town from the walls of the Castle.